Saturday, November 7, 2009

Well, it was my first TAG North and just wanted to share with anyone thinking of showing up. That it was pretty cool and not only do we chat it up and sketch. But, we take pictures of our selves! And it’s all great fun!

From left to right.

Rick Schmitz,Todd Lovering,Kevin Hanna,Justin Norman,Royden Lepp, and Rick Hoberg


Rickart said...

I believe this subgroup of people is known as "People who know Mike".

I've been meaning to get some pics of the large crowds we've been getting... thanks for sharing this picture!

Stan Shaw said...

That's me stickin' out like a tall sore thumb behind Hoberg.
Just posted the same pic on Facebook.

Brett Bean said...

Ooh ohh I took that picture!. You guys were great for the camera, it loved you, smokin