Sunday, July 8, 2012

TAG Comic Book update

Here's an update on the TAG comic book... I need to do some research to see just how much it will cost.  That will inform the discussion we need to have- namely, how much does each contributor pay?  Do we do it by the page?  Will we have color in this thing, or will it be all B & W?  We will want to have a few pages in the book for an introduction and bios, as well as a page or two for signing/drawing on.

Emerald City comic con has started selling tables in Artist Alley.  Here are the details:  They have sold out before, and there's a lot of folks already listed for next year, so if you want to sell books and other stuff, I would suggest getting on this now.  There aren't any rules about sharing tables, so 2 people can share a table to cut costs.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Call for Entries for a TAG Comic Book!

Okay, I'm going to officially kick this off... who wants in on a TAG anthology comic book?  I figure if we start now and we get 10-15 artists to contribute we can print up loads of copies and have them to sell/trade by the 2013 convention season.  Specifically, I would want to target the book being done for ECCC 2013.

At this point I'm just interested in a show of hands... who's with me?

I've reset the date on this post so that it would stay sticky and on the top of the blog for a bit.  If we get enough interest I'll probably start a new blog just for the comic book.