Sunday, November 22, 2009

Brush pen goodness....

A couple of people have asked me where to get the "brush" pens I've used at the last couple of tag sessions, so I'm sharing it here. Be warned though, they are more of a rubber-tip pen as there are no individual bristles.

I've been getting them from kinokuniya, the store inside of the big Uwajimaya store in the international district. There, they are about $5:50 a pop (Link Here).

Buuuut, I just found out, you can order them online (oh snap!!!) for $4.50 (although with shipping you might not be saving anything) (Link Here).

I'll bring a couple of them with me next time in case anyone wants to try them out before committing, but for my taste, these pens have a great feel.


Rickart said...

Actually, I believe that the post that I made just before this post was done with this same brush pen. I whole heartly agree with Dan's assesment... Terrific pen! I just love it!

Rickart said...

Oh, and thanks for the links! This is an awesome pen and I thank you again for letting me have one.

Now post a drawing already! :)

Pointpusher said...

I will soon, I promise Rick :-)