Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kabam is Hiring

Click on the title for the link...  It looks like they need a variety of folks... Lead Artist, 2D artist, UI artist, Game Writer, Production Managers.  It appears that they have offices in SF and Redwood Shores (By Redwood City in the Bay Area... not far from where I lived about 3 years ago).

It looks like this company is trying to bridge the gap between Hard Core games and Social games, throwing some MMO elements in for good measure.  This might be a pretty good bet... Zynga's move into the Hard Core-ish game field, Empires and Allies, is doing pretty well on Facebook.

I would, of course, hate to see any TAG members leave the Seattle area, but I know there are folks who are looking for work and I wouldn't want them to miss out on an opportunity.  

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