Monday, January 11, 2010

50's Crooner and an Idea for the next TAG

Hey guys and gals, another TAG and I missed it but I am still working. Here is the second in the crooner series. I also came across a picture on Deviant Art which made me think of an idea forthe next TAG. A famous character REDO, maybe we narrow the focus to a certain movie or video game (i.e. Star Wars or GTA) or just keep it open? What do y'all think? Here is the link to the Chewbacca REDO.


rickart said...

Love the crooner and the TAG idea. You will, of course, sculpt your entry, yes? ;)

Mark Honschke said...

I will AFTER I draw it, I am trying very hard to relearn to draw but its been a bumpy road!

Monte Michaelis said...

STAR WARS! I'm ready to start now!