Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Here's a doodle I did on my itouch using Sketchbook moble app. It's slow to work up a sketch clicking back and forth to change brushes and colors. It's also hard to do it with just your finger so I got a stylus which make the process easier.

BTW.... that's a spicy tuna roll. ;)


rickart said...

Nifty! I find Sketchbook more appealing the more I use it. Bushes was more intuitive when starting out, but I think I like the brush options in Sketchbook better. The color seems to turn out nicer, too.

Monte Michaelis said...

I dig this! I love the texture and the vibrant colors. Where did you get your stylus?

Edward Pun said...

I ordered it through Amazon. The stylus is Pogo Sketch ten 1... it's about $13 bucks. If you google "diy iphone stylus", you'll find other people have made their own. Might worth looking into before spending the money.